3 Home Theater Set-Ups to Avoid

So, you are thinking of setting up a new home theater system—complete with speakers, subwoofers, and a big-screen HDTV. But are you sure you know exactly what to do, even before you make your purchases? To get the very best out of your entertainment system, here are three of the most common home theater mistakes to avoid in your process:

#1: Buying a TV that is too large or too small. 

To be on the safe side, get a TV between 50 inches and 55 inches, and install it in a way that allows a viewing distance of around 5 to 6 feet. You do not want a TV that is so large that your eyes are overwhelmed. Moreover, you don’t want to get a TV so small that you find yourself coming closer to squint at the images. Each scenario can ultimately cause great discomfort—or worse, damage your eyesight. You can determine the ideal size of your TV by measuring the available width and height of the installation area, as well as the seating distance from the screen.

#2: Buying cheap speakers and cables.

 Don’t shop by price; shop by quality. You may think inexpensive speakers are a steal, but the sound they produce may not be the best, and you might even dislike it. So, make sure you listen to them at the dealer before making a purchase. The same logic applies to cables. Some items may come with the manufacturer’s cables, which are usually thin and cheaply made. You are better off with buying standalone cables that are a little more heavy-duty for durability and performance purposes.

#3: Setting up in a room with windows. 

The darker the room is, the better. The thought of setting up the TV in a two-story foyer with long flanking windows might feel grand. However, the windows would only let light in and make it difficult to watch your favorite programs. If you absolutely have to set up the home theater system in a room with large windows (or cannot do the setup anywhere else), make sure they have blinds to cover them, especially if there is a lot of sunlight.

Get professional help. Even after set-up, some people might not be happy with the results.

Sometimes the best home theater design is achieved by hiring the services of a trained and experienced professional. For an affordable fee, the home theater design consultant can give ideas and conduct custom installations that would produce the best out of your setup. Specializing in custom design and installation of top quality home theater systems in the Pittsburgh area, Cinemagic Home Theater is your go-to source for the ultimate home cinema experience. Our home theater design consultants offer their expertise to create a customized home theater solution based on your personal needs. Get started on giving you and your family the ultimate home theater experience by scheduling a free consultation with a Cinemagic Home Theater expert today!