Sonos Smart Speakers

  • Sonos is the wireless speaker system that streams all of your favorite music to any room. Allowing you to control all of your music listening experience with one simple wireless application.
  • Wireless streaming allows you to enjoy your music in one or multiple rooms.  
  • Sonos Smart Speakers connect to one another over the existing wifi network in your home. Sonos allows playing different music to each speaker or the same music to all speakers.
  • You can control any Sonos Speaker via the Sonos application on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other smart device. 
  • Sonos Playbar offers outstanding hifi sound for your TV in a completely wire free.
  • For a deeper bass you can add the Sonos Wireless Sub, and for surround sound you can add a secondary Sonos Play:1's as wireless rear surrounds 
  • Security Cameras also available

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