The Latest Products, Technologies and Home Theater Design Services

    Your home is a unique place, so make sure your home theater follows suit. Today's home theaters come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes to deliver the best in home entertainment.

    At Cinemagic Home Theater, our design consultants make it a point to match your custom home theater design with your home's one-of-a-kind style and aesthetic. Our home theater designs come in many shapes and sizes to create the perfect match to your home theater needs.

    Specializing in custom design and installation, we offer every client the latest home theater technologies to maximize performance, style and most important of all, entertainment. Our design consultants will work with you every step of the way to come up with a home theater design that is perfect for your needs and your budget.

    We carry the latest equipment from the biggest names in audio and visual, including:


    • Jamo

    • Definitive Technology

    • Niles

    • Polk

    • Triad

    • Proficient

    • Boston Acoustics

    • JBL Professional

    • Atlantic Technology

    • Thiel Loudspeaker


    • Screen Innovations

    • Da-Lite

    • Draper

    • Dragon Fly

    • Elite Screens

    • Black Diamond

    Outdoor Speakers

    • Klipsch

    • Niles

    • Atlantic Technology



    • Velidyne

    • Definitive Technology

    • Sunfire

    • Niles

    • Jamo

    • Polk


    • Pioneer

    • Onkyo

    • Denon

    • Sony

    • Sonos

    • Marantz


    • Monster Cables

    • Panamax

    • Peerless

    • Lutron

    • Vanco HDMI

    • Sanus

    • Cheif Mounts



    • JVC

    • Sony

    • Epson

    • Runco

    • Optoma

    • Panasonic

    • Nec

    Outdoor LCD TV

    • Sunbrite

    Remote Controls

    • Logitech Harmony

    LED / Plasma

    • Sony

    • Vizio


    • Sanus

    • Salamander Design

    • Ashley Seating

    • Bello Seating

    • Acoustic Innovations


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