Whether you're in the market for a brand-new TV or you just need assistance installing a television you've already purchased, Cinemagic Home Theater can provide you with the technical know-how and superior customer service you deserve. Offering both TV sales and installation services, our goal is to make it simple and easy to get the right product and install that's right for your space and your needs. From guiding you through the process of selecting your LCD or Flat Panel TV screen to securely mounting it in the perfect spot for comfortable viewing, Cinemagic Home Theater has the know-how to help with your project. When you need television installation in Pittsburgh, give us a call at 412-716-5500 or email us with your request!


Specializing in both residential and commercial television installation services, Cinemagic Home Theater is available to help you get the quality TV install for your particular needs. We can hook up and mount flat-screen or panel televisions in practically any room of your home, and with options like home, office, and restaurant television installation and service available, we can help with a full range of specific TV install projects. We're pleased to be able to provide free consultations, and we're ready to work with you on a customized television installation service that will help you enjoy years of quality entertainment. From upgrading beyond your old CRT TV to putting flat-screens in new construction, Cinemagic Home Theater has what it takes to fulfill your television install needs large and small.

We offer:

  • TV sales and installation: If you're looking to purchase a new television for your home or business, our experts can help you understand the differences between the various models and options to make sure you get the best TV for your particular situation. From budgetary issues to concerns about picture quality and more, the Cinemagic Home Theater team is ready to guide you through every consideration when it comes to purchasing a TV. Our options run the spectrum from projection screens to LCD, LED, and Flat Panel TVs. And with great pricing on top-quality televisions, we can help you get the performance you want at a reasonable rate. For more information about flat-screen or panel TV sales from Cinemagic Home Theater, call 412-716-5500 or send us an e-mail today.

  • Television installation: Whether you already have a new flat-screen at home or you've selected a new LED TV from our wide selection, our professionals can help you with complete television install services. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to your cable television installation, Cinemagic Home Theater designs your TV install around your space. We'll help you decide on the best mounting position for comfortable viewing and properly mount your TV for secure, long-term safety and performance. Our team utilizes quality cables for all of our installation services, so whether you need a basic HDMI cable or one capable of transmitting 3D signals, we have everything you need to enjoy the very best in image quality. With customizable lengths available, we can run your HDMI cable a single foot or over hundreds of feet! Let the Cinemagic Home Theater professionals ensure your panel or flat-screen television installation is everything you wanted it to be: contact us now to get started.

And don't forget, Cinemagic Home Theater also offers home automation systems and full home theatre installations. If you're looking for a system that goes beyond basic TV installation, we have the expertise and experience you can count on. For all of your home audio and video entertainment needs, our professionals are here for you. Fill out the form below to hear back from a Cinemagic Home Theater professional.

Cinemagic Home Theater does not provide satellite TV installation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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